There Are Enough Hours in the Day

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Balance Your Life

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Ready to Finally Move Forward on Your Health and Wellness Journey?

What's been holding you back?

Stress & Anxiety

Are stress and anxiety paralyzing your efforts to move forward?

Feeling Unbalanced

Are you overhelmed by work/life/family balance, trying to fit it all in?

Unhealthy Habits

Are your lifestyle habits making you feel like it’s impossible to make changes?

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Nichole Meyer, MA, NBC-HWC

Welcome! I'm Nichole, Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Overscheduling. We all do it. We’ve got work and social commitments, endless kids’ activities, homes to clean and meals to cook. By the end of the day, we’re too exhausted to spend any time taking care of ourselves. Our physical and mental health suffer.

I can help you learn how to prioritize your wellness and self-care. We’ll take a deep dive into your life and create a self-care plan that’s doable, even with your schedule. You’ll learn how to dedicate time to focus on your nutrition, exercise and mental health. I’ve helped many busy women like you, creating plans that deliver real lifestyle changes, leading to optimal health and wellness.

Signature Coaching Program

Take Control of Your Life

In my 12-Week "Time to Flourish" Coaching Program, I help busy women conquer stress and anxiety, address nutrition and exercise, and balance their family lives with work demands. We do this together by creating step-by-step achievable plans and goals, and by examining barriers and accountability. We’ll create an individualized approach to manage stress and create healthy lifestyle habits while you learn how to prioritize yourself and your wellness needs. Get ready for a more relaxed, healthy, balanced YOU!

Are You Ready to Change Your Life Forever?

3 Steps to Get Started Now

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Create Your Wellness Plan

Together we’ll create a customized plan to get you where you want to be in your life

Achieve Your Goal

Each week we’ll put the plan into action and bring a whole new you to life

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